Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Welcome to the First of Several Affiliated Sponsorships

I'm getting ready for the soft launch of a free health education, encouragement and rewards digital media service with support from a few companies whose products I use and really believe in. As a minimalist, that makes my list pretty short and not a lot of room for anything but the best.

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Today I would like to welcome the folks at Invisible Shoes to our list of sponsors via an affiliate relationship. Their product truly helped to save my life by getting me back on the road and keeping my health in check. I will always be a fan and you might want to be one too. Every product purchased via this site helps to keep our free programs free.

Thank you.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Participants Disqualified From Masters for Being Underage

In downtown Sacramento this evening there was the annual Bastille Day Waiters Race.

Maybe they'll all come back in 10 or 15 years when they're eligible for Masters Athletics competition.

When is that Event?

From a comment I made on Paul Klegg's blog "Game to 100".
Regarding the complexity of scheduling here are my thoughts: The schedules that are printed and online make sense to the athletes since they only focus on their events but are really not that useful to the general public. The event is free. Enough said.
So, the best way I’ve found to find out what, when and where is to look at the Race Results by Venue. The race results are listed by event in the scheduled order (but without times). You can approximate when an event will kickoff as well as see on which day your favorite event is planned by scrolling down to the day you are interested in attending or using the same method to find what day and where in the order of the day an event is scheduled.
There is typically a break in the afternoons from around 1pm or so to 4:30pm – 6pm.
You can find the link to Race Results in the top right corner of :

(lots of other stuff here too including HD video interviews and more)
Or you can follow this link directly to the Race Results page:
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday are going to be very exciting with the 110m Hurdle Finals, 400m Finals, Relays (very exciting – always) and more. There are no events today according to my lookup method described above.
Give it another shot – you’ll be glad you did.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Easy to Get Between Sac City and Sac State

The City of Sacramento has a train we call the 'RT' and it costs $2.50 for a single use ticket or $6 for a day pass. Ticketing machines are located at each station and they take bills and coins.

This map shows you the Gold and Blue Lines which represent the RT and where you need to go.

If you are at Sac State just walk a few blocks South on 65th Street and catch the RT to Downtown then get off on 16th Street. This is the Gold Line train.

At 16th Street you will need to wait for the Blue Line train heading South (not toward downtown) toward Meadowview and get off at the Sac City College Station.

If you are at Sac City just follow the directions in Reverse.

Official Site of the local Transit Authority (RT).

For more detailed information the Main Event site does a great job of giving you travel options here.

Official Transportation Guide.

Safe travels!

Schedule Update from WMA as of 7/9/11: (Correction)

Go to the Official Notice here


Athletes should be aware of the following updates to the schedule have occurred since it was first
issued. If there are any other updates or changes they will be posted at the T.I.C, on the bulletin board
in the Wellness Center and announced at the daily Managers’ Meeting.

The order of events for the cross country competitions as well as the road race walks have been
changed.  The older age groups will compete first.  See schedule for details.

300 Meter Hurdles (change made on July 9)
The Finals for the F60 on Monday July 11 at Sacramento State has a last report time of 9:00am and
event time of 9:50am

The Finals for the M65 on Monday July 11 at Sacramento State has a last report time of 8:55am and
event time at 9:45am

Road Race Walks (change made on July 9)
July 12 10 Km                    July 16 20 Km
F60+       Start 7:00            F60+        Start 7:00
M60+      Start 8:20            M60+      Start 7:00
F35-59    Start 9:40            F35-59   Start 9:45
M35-59 Start 11:00           M35-59 Start 9:45

The M80+ 5000m run at Sac City on July 9 has been rescheduled to start at 07:15 rather than 08:00 due
to a schedule overlap. All runners were emailed concerning the change.  The report time will be 06:25.

The F70 800m has 13 athletes but it will be run as a final only on July 11 at the schedule time.  There will
be no semifinal.

The F50 800m has 37 entrants but was never scheduled for a quarterfinal. So rather than trying to add a
quarterfinal at this late date after entries closed it was decided to run them as a two round event like
the other women’s 800s.  So there will be three semifinals of 12, 12 and 13 on Saturday, 9 July as
scheduled with the first two qualifying and the 6 fastest times . (This is when  the event was shown on
the schedule.  Error in update only showed July 8.)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet Coach Heike - Take That Younguns

Heike McNeil is a collegiate track and field coach in Eugene, Oregon and runs as part of the Eugene Running Club for the past 10 years. She claims that her town is Track City but I know we have our Sacramento contingent who would like to differ. Annnyyyway... it was great catching time with Heike to hear about why she runs and... I also got some great advice for anyone who aspires to the long hours that go with being a track coach.

Her advice is to simply send an email to a local head coach and see if there is an opening and you don't necessarily need to have all of the phys ed credentials of a head coach. She described her staff as a team and staffing depends on the needs of the kids she coaches. Expert track advice - you bet. But it's also a lot about dealing with the stresses of college and life in general. As for stress, don't look to Heike for advice at the starting line - she has assistants for that given that her stress level gets pretty high during the meets and she doesn't want to put that on her athletes.

Don't miss her start in tonight's W35 5000m starting at 8:05pm and next Friday (7/15) in the 1500m at 7am (ouch).

Go Heike!!! We'll settle the Sac vs Eugene issue some other day.

Sometimes It's As Easy As Keeping Up With Your Kids

Dan tells us how he got started back on the road to better fitness thanks to just wanting to keep up with his teen. Now he's an Assistant Track Coach and a little less Dan than he used to be. Dropping 35 lbs. is just the start of his transformation. Enough of my editorial. Listen to Dan tell it.

It was great to meet you Dan and thanks for sharing your story. Also, for any barefooters out there we had a great discussion about the many unique aspects of leaving big shoes behind. Bottom line - go slow - and we mean really slow. Coming back from 30 years off from being shoeless is a big deal so make your plan cover many, many months of transition.  Consider it like cross-training!

Go Dan!!!